to the family

We’re here to make sure you get the most out of fitness. Smart Fit welcomes you to the team! We believe in fitness accessibility for everyone.

Whether you’re participating in our free classes, training with our Personal Trainers, or simply using our cutting edge equipment, we provide you with a SMART way to achieve your fitness goals, all without being tied into a membership contract.

Our main game is fitness flexibility. At Smart Fit, everyone can train the way THEY want to. Working out has never been easier before.

like no other

Every membership comes with the following benefits:
  • Access to our range of free classes in our new studio
  • Long opening hours, never miss a workout again
  • Top of the line equipment such as Cybex and Life Fitness
  • Knowledgeable Personal Trainers available
  • Friendly, informative and helpful staff
  • Air conditioning and filtration system

that works for you

At Smart Fit, we are equipped with top of the line machines and accessories. Amazing brands such as Cybex and Life Fitness are available to everyone that’s serious about their fitness goals, or just wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’re constantly upgrading our equipment roster to provide only the best and SMARTEST ways to reach your fitness goals.


Best classes,
for free!

Here, at Smart Fit, we believe in giving back. That’s why our top-of-the-line classes are free for every member. Our most popular classes such as Yoga/Pilates, Strength, HIIT and Lift and HIIT are sure to challenge you to the max. They’re a sure way to stay consistent with your training without having to worry about a workout plan. Our amazing fitness instructors will come up with the best workout for you and will be there to push you past your limits.

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