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Please bring your QR Code with you as you may be refused entry to the gym otherwise.

Please also bring a sweat towel as well and ensure you have proper attire to train in the gym, such a training trousers/shorts training top and clean runners.

All classes are free with every membership and are available for all members. The timetable can be found on our website as well as at the reception.

We have many highly qualified, skilled and friendly personal trainers that deliver great results. Each trainer has their own approach as well as their own price. Their information as well as their contact details can be found on our website under the “Crew” tab.

There’s no booking system for classes. All classes operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. We encourage customers to arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class, in order to avoid missing a spot. There are class tags at the reception. Once you arrive, take a tag and when the class studio is ready, we’ll let you into the studio.

We’re happy to say that our showers facilities are fully operational.

As of 01/03/2022, customers are not required or expected to wear face masks on the premises. However, all customers can choose whether to wear a face mask,or not.

A free induction is available upon joining the gym. Once you create your profile and purchase your membership, the “GYM INDUCTION” option will be available in your profile. Once you click on it, your contact details are sent to one of our trainers and they will arrange a date and time that would suit you for the induction.

Free parking is available to all members of Smart Fit. Parking spaces are subject to availability.

We have bike racks available. Please ensure that your bike is fully locked to the bike rack. Smart Fit does not accept responsibility for any bikes left on or near its premises.

We offer membership freezing services for only €5 per month, or part there of. You can freeze your membership through your profile, which you can access here. Once your membership is paused, your account will be charged €5 on a monthly basis, instead of the regular membership fee, from the freezing request date. To stop the freezing, simply login to your profile again and find the option “RESUME”. Any active membership days remaining will be carried forward upon unpausing.

To update your payment details, please login into your profile which you can access here, and you will find the option “ADD PAYMENT METHOD”, there you will be able to change your card in few seconds.

Due to our membership option being a monthly standing order, we only accept debit or credit cards.

To process membership payments, we use a recurring payment system. You will be billed automatically on the same date as you join, so you don’t have to worry about paying manually each month.

Please note, that if this is a temporary cancellation, we offer a membership pausing service instead, which prevents you from being charged with a joining fee if you wish to re-join after 21 days from your membership’s expiration date. Cancellations are done online only, by accessing your profile on here.

All members can avail of our free Wi-Fi. Ask at the reception for the login details.

Lockers are available for all customers and members. We advise that customers use a lock while using a locker, in order to secure their belongings.

We ae located close to the Harold’s Cross park. Our exact address is Smart Fit, 7 Shamrock Villas, Dublin 6W, D6W Y884.

We have water fountain available on the gym floor. We also have vending machines where you can purchase bottles of water, as well as other items such as energy drinks and protein bars.

Our vending machines have a variety of sports drinks, energy drinks, protein shakes, protein bars and other items available for purchase.

Membership includes access to the gym, as well as all the classes.

Our gym is fully equipped with a free weights area, with dumbbells going from 2kg to 50kg. We have a full lit of machines that cater to almost any body-part. We have squat racks with deadlifting platforms, adjustable benches, flat bench presses, incline and decline bench presses. For a more detailed list you can visit the gym and we’ll be happy to show you.

Should the government announce another lockdown, we will automatically pause everyone’s memberships. Upon reopening, all memberships will automatically continue from where they left off.

We love to hear back from our customers. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email us or send us a DM on our Instagram and Facebook or leave feedback about us on Google.

To apply for a position, please visit our “CAREER” tab on our website. Use the email provided in the tab and send us your application.