Power Up

This workout provides the perfect combination of equipment and multi-joint exercises to maximize and improve full-body strength and power.


  • Improves bone and joint health
  • Improves the CNS (Central Nervous System)
  • Increases the metabolism
Strong and Fit

The best of benefits of cardio and strength in one session.

Elevate your heart rate, strengthen supporting muscles, and so much more. The best of both worlds.


  • Improves muscular endurance
  • Improves speed and agility
  • Raises your metabolism
Mobility Flex

This is a combination of yoga, Pilates, mobility and flexibility movements. If you are looking to increase your flexibility, improve your coordination and concentration, improve your posture, and calm your mind - this workout is for you.


  • Injury prevention
  • Complements strength and flexibility
  • Decreases muscle soreness
Max Burn

A combination of bodyweight workout and HIIT elements, combining them to get the most effective ways to maximize fat burning and improve cardiovascular health.


  • Increase your lung capacity
  • Improoves blood flow
  • Improves muscular endurance